The Harvest Moon September 2022

The full Moon that happens nearest to the Fall Equinox (September 22 or 23) takes on the name “Harvest Moon.” Unlike other full Moons, this full Moon rises at nearly the same time—around sunset—for several evenings in a row, giving growers extra evenings of moonlight, allowing them to finish their harvests before the winter seasons.

The Full Harvest Moon in Pisces is connected with Neptune, will give off a dreamlike vibe. Expect your subconscious to roam free over the next few days, contemplating different realities. Like, what if you took that guitar from under your bed and started practicing and got on America's Got Talent? Which country should you visit first? Chile or Malta? So many thoughts, so little time. 

You’ll start thinking about all areas of your life, including your career. Once you've nailed down your goal, it's time to get to work: What’s your five-year plan and how can you get there?

Your love life will be under the microscope, too. What needs to change to give you those"butterflies in your stomach" feeling with your partner that you’re falling short of now? And, if you’re currently single, what are you your true core values?

Amidst all this fantasizing, you’ll find yourself being more compassionate than usual. Have a friend that is having a tough time? Reach out and suggest a nice hike and lunch at their favorite spot.

The full moon will impact all zodiac signs, but Pisces and Virgo should feel it the most.